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Super Auto Duct Line 5

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1. Linear structure; streamline in production and small land occupation .
2. With the material processing saving mode, users can reduce the waste of sheet metal  significantly to less than 20mm per  Material   coiler.
3. With the feature of the servo motor driven in folding process and accurate positioning, it has the   obvious advantage especially  when Produce the “口” shaped duct.
4. The input adopted two modes: screen touch and keyboard which ensures stability of the system.
5. Need at least 1 person to operate the machine, the production capacity per shift can reach 2000㎡.
6. With production management function for day count and total count .
7. Support production data records export and print function (optional).
8. Optional punching holes for reinforcing bars and laminating function.

1. An electric integrated decoiler, include 4pcs of 7 tons coils (Optional 8 or 10 tons of hydraulic decoiler)
2. A material supporting frame
3. A main machine
4. A manipulator for material clutch, transferring and positioning platform 
5. A movable high-speed Pittsburgh lock forming machine
6. A duplex angle steel flange forming machine
7. A duplex TDF flange forming machine
8. A servo motor driven material feeding and folding platform
9. A CNC System


This line is mainly being used to complete the TDF flange/Angle steel flange ducts or drive cleat forming(optional), the production capacity is 600 to 2000 square meters per day.. After input the dimensions of the duct you want to process and then the machine can complete the following functions: Uncoil, leveling, beading, notching and punching, shearing, Pittsburgh locking, TDF flange forming/angle steel flange forming or drive cleat forming (optional) and hydraulic folding.
(Optional 8 or 10 tons of hydraulic decoiler )

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